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Four Effective Ways To Cut Moving Costs


Moving can be a real hassle, with all the responsibilities that you need to handle and all the costs that you have to incur. Surely, you have been thinking about ways to cut even some of the costs, if possible. In fact, cost considerations will both you even more if this is your first move.

Don’t worry as there are ways to cut costs during the move. And, it does not begin and end at hiring Movers in Auckland. Here are the four highly effective ways for you to cut costs during your move.

Choose the right time and date for the move:

If it is possible, you should try to schedule your move during the non-peak season. The demand for removalists company in Auckland spikes up during the holiday months because the children are not in school and the parents want to settle down to a new place before another academic year starts.

If it is not possible for you to move during the winter or fall, you should at least try to avoid weekends, holidays, and the ends and beginnings of the month because the demand is high during that time.

Begin the purge right now without further delay:

So, when was the last time you took out that business suit you brought six years back? Have you ever used that old lamp you got from a friend even once? Look around your house and you will find many more of such objects that you have not used even once. There is no point in dragging all these extra stuff to your new place. So, just give them away to charity or sell them off online.

Do not buy the packing supplies before the move:

If you have not hired full-service movers in Auckland and you have decided to do the entire packing all by yourself, then you must be looking for packing supplies. But, wait before you start buying packing supplies!

Ask your relatives, friends, and colleagues who have moved in recent years because they might have packing supplies lying around to lend you out. You can look at Craigslist for advertisements for cheap packing supplies.

Do not make the mistake of not hiring the movers:

In a bid to cut costs and hire moving services in Auckland, you might have thought that you should do it all by yourself and avoid the added costs of hiring removalists company in Auckland. But, look at that piano lying in the corner, or those huge cupboards and sofas you have.


Do you think you can move it all by yourself without any damage to the goods? Not really, right? After all, what is the point of saving money if at the end of the day you have to spend it to get things fixed?

Now, speaking of affordable moving companies in New Zealand who can get the job well-done, you need to get in touch with CBD Movers to get the perfect combination of high economic rates and quality services.

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