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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Moving Company in Auckland

Indulging in packing and moving without any professional support can be a herculean job for you. If you are looking for full comfort in house removals, office relocation, and furniture movers services in Auckland then it is worth every penny you spend to get professional support from an experienced and trustworthy moving company in Auckland. So, it is essential for you to perform deep research and analysis to find ideal packers and movers services according to your relocation needs. With this write-up, we are offering you a sigh of relief to make the best decision for the selection of an ideal removalist company.

Here, we are presenting a series of tricky questions that you can ask from your preferred removalists companies:

Confirm License and Registration Number

A professional moving company New Zealand should carry valid license and should be registered with various official moving authorities of New Zealand, such as PAIMA, IAM, BAR, and many more. Many local moving companies that travel just within one state may not be registered, you can easily check and confirm their registration number online.

Cost of Service and Quote
The professional packers and movers service companies in Auckland usually provide their customers per hour, per pound, or total distance price. Hiring any professional moving company for a long distance move can charge you as per your freight load. While companies can charge per hour rate for short distances. Don’t hire a company that offers an estimate based on cubic feet. Generally, the quoted price can increase or decrease according to the type of the carrier offered to the customers. An estimate includes all incurred charges, agreed and signed by the mover company and customer.

Packing and Storage
Make it clear about the number of products that need to pack and labeled along with the quality of packing material used to shrink-wrap your belongings. Some large moving companies can provide a free blanket wrap service, however, this service might be charged by smaller companies. Always create an accurate list of all your valuables this will help a moving company arrange the required number of packing boxes and other materials for perfect packing of belongings and ensure their safe loading and transfer. Also, clarify the things related to appliance service charges, and whether they will charge for it or do it without any cost. Many professional companies provide standard appliance service facility without any cost.

Additional Cost
Discuss and clarify any additional charges or fees like flight charges, storage charges, and long carry charges etc. with your hired house removals company in Auckland. Even you may have to bear the additional cost of fuel

or transportation surcharges if moving to a remote area. Companies can charge extra in case your goods are carried over a certain distance in your new location. You can avoid the extra cost of service on using lifters, trolley, elevators etc. through parking of van or truck nearby your large furniture items. This will help you avoid any stairs, a condo, high-rise or any other obstructions to save on the additional cost of services. Always plan your move once your new residence is ready to move in. This will help you skip on storage-in-transit fees as well as warehouse handling charges.

Additional Service
During long-distance moves, ask and confirm your mover company beforehand whether they will carry out additional transfers of your belongings or not? If yes, then there may be more possibility of damage and loss of your valuables due to additional transfers of goods from one truck to another. During the winter or rainy season, make confirm if the company will provide protection of your furniture items against water damage.

Insurance Cover
Ask a moving company about the facility of insurance cover with or without an additional cost. Usually, moving insurances are based on freight weight or the value of your customers’ goods and provide damage cover up to 60 percents of the true cost of items. Also, check whether your house or office relocation insurance is offering you additional coverage for moving.

Asking the above questions will definitely help you evaluate the things better to avoid a rogue moving company in Auckland and choose the dependable one. So, you can easily choose your ideal furniture moving company in New Zealand after clarifying the needful things for smooth, safe and stress-free moving and shifting.

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