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Necessary Packing Supplies

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Relocation is all about packing and moving stuff. While planning and organizing removals is important, proper packing and cautious handling remain the bottom line for a flawless relocation. Laxity at any stage of removal will result in loss and damages.

But entrusting packing jobs to professional Auckland city movers will not only help keep all botheration at bay, but also ensure that your belongings are shifted without risk of damage. We, at CBD Movers NZ have all wherewithal to pack and move your belongings deftly.

Necessary Packing Supplies:

While many believe that boxes are the only thing required for packing stuff, in reality, there is an extensive list of packing supplies that are required for packing ‘right’.

Here’s a list of packing supplies you’ll need to prepare properly.

· Packing Paper- Packing paper, newspaper or old used paper, these come in handy to wrap and cover small items especially fragile. More the layers of paper, greater will the protection. Packing paper also proves helpful in filling up gaps and empty spaces in boxes, thus inhibiting movement.

· Bubble Wrap – Bubble wraps are extremely important for delicate glassware and fragile items. The characteristic air bubble feature provides the required protection and safety.

· Boxes and Cartons – Boxes are undoubtedly an integral part of packing. But their size and shape matter the most. It is important to stack goods as per their shape and size.

· Tape – Simply using packing paper or bubble wrap may not be enough to cling onto the item. Using tape ensures that the protective cover remains in position. Ensure that you generously tape each item for stronger hold and protection.

· Plastic Wrap – While bubble wrap proves useful for small items, plastic wraps come in handy for covering bulky and big-ticket items. Industrial-sized plastic wraps help keep dust, water, and dirt away.

· Packing Labels – Once you are through with the packing bit, ensure that you label each carton clearly. ‘Fragile’, ‘Breakable’ and ‘This Side up’ labels will help the loading and unloading staff. These indications also prove helpful while opening and rearranging items at the new destination.

Whether you are looking for expert office movers or house movers in Auckland, we are the most competent and well equipped for an effective move. Get in touch with us at 0800 555 207 to know more about our convenient and effective packing techniques.

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