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Need help packing and moving your furniture? Whether you need a local or interstate house/office mover, CBD Movers is your reliable and affordable furniture removalists Auckland. Maybe you want to move your furniture from one storey to another or relocating your home of office furniture across New Zealand, we have a team of highly qualified and professional packers and movers to handle the job.

Most homeowners don’t have the necessary technical skills and expertise to perform the relocation. Therefore, they need to hire specialized furniture movers NZ. Our well-trained furniture movers come with state-of-art equipment to professionally move your office or house furniture on time and within your budget.

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Just inform us about the approximate size of your house or company, where you’re shifting from and to along with a detailed address and we will provide you the competitive rates for your move.

CBD Movers New Zealand offers competitive prices for quality home and office furniture moving services. We operate on an hourly rate. For special circumstances such as a job outside the coverage area or floor level, we will be happy to give you a customized quote to meet your special requirements.

Get in touch with our experts right away to know the estimated price for furniture removals.

Licensed and Insured Furniture Removals Auckland

We’re a licensed and insured furniture removals company in Auckland, so our network of skilled and affordable furniture movers can assist you with different types of furniture removals – from in-house furniture removals to transporting your prized possessions to a new home in NZ. We aim to offer the best possible service quality; therefore, we like to work with like-minded, accredited, and insured moving partners who have the necessary resources to provide hassle-free moving services Auckland at a reasonable price.

Furniture Movers Auckland

Our skilled and experienced team is dedicated to planning and customizing each move for smooth transition of your belongings to your new home. When travelling locally and interstate through New Zealand, we are move as per the state laws and guidelines so that there’s no unwanted trouble during interstate relocation.

What Makes CBD Furniture Movers Auckland Different From Others

Here are some amazing benefits that our furniture movers Auckland provide to clients:

  • No hidden costs:  You will find out all the necessary information and the cost of our services by filling out our contact form or contacting our customer service representatives directly. Our rates are tailored to each client’s specific needs, so it’s best if you contact us directly.
  • No stress or hustle:  You won’t have to stress too much about relocating your belongings with our friendly and seasoned furniture movers. Allow us to handle your furniture moving needs, knowing that a team of experienced furniture movers Auckland is handling the task.
  • Skilled Team: Since our company’s credibility is so important to us, we offer you the dedicated team of packers and movers in New Zealand. That’s why many previous customers also trust our services and willingly recommend us to their friends and family.
  • Moving Furniture at a Low Cost:  We’ve been in business for many years and have relocated a lot of people, apartments, and furniture. We are familiar with various convenient and reliable methods for transporting your belongings. This also enables us to serve our clients with a wide variety of budgets and needs.

You can get in touch with CBD Movers Auckland any time and we’ll get back to you to assist you as soon as possible. Let us take care of all your furniture moving requirements with smooth transition.

Trusted Furniture Movers Auckland NZ

If you need to relocate heavy furniture, keep in mind that it will be more complicated to do than a simple packing and moving task. Moving and loading heavy furniture pieces over moving vehicles and trucks necessitates superior quality packing materials, supplies, and equipment. To make moving easier and safer, furniture such as cots, pantries, and pool tables must first be removed.

Our furniture removalists at CBD Movers New Zealand use their talent, infrastructure, technology, and tools to provide good and cost-effective furniture removals NZ. We take care of different furniture moving needs of our clients, such as item removals, packing, loading, and re-installation of heavy furniture to a new property.

We are happy to give you high-quality all sizes of packing boxes and materials, as required, at an affordable rate. By packing your furniture in secure cartons, we help you move your valuable possessions and furniture into your new home with ease.

Simply call us and ask for a free quote to find the best and cheapest furniture movers Auckland NZ.


  • What exactly do furniture removalists Auckland do?
  • Furniture removalists Auckland transport household and office furniture, as well as other objects, from one place to another, both within the state or territory and around the country.
  • Is it easier to purchase new furniture or to relocate existing furniture?
  • If you’re just moving locally, it’s probably best to keep your current furniture. Local transfers are far less costly than long-distance moves, so relocating your old belongings would almost definitely be less expensive than purchasing new ones.
  • Do CBD Movers deliver my furniture to my final destination where I want it?
  • Yes, our trained furniture movers at CBD Movers will position your furniture where you want it, but they will not constantly rearrange your rooms. It is better if you have a plan in mind for how you want each room set up before our team arrives at your destination.
  • Is it necessary for me to unpack my bedroom furniture drawer sets?
  • You do not need to unpack the sets of drawers if the contents are just clothes and bedding; however, please remove any books, breakables, liquid containers or bottles, and jewellery. However, self-assembly furniture does not move well and will not withstand additional pressure; we suggest that you empty these drawer sets.
  • How will I be charged for packing services?
  • The number of boxes packed by professional furniture movers NZ determines the packing fee. The cost of your move would be affected by additional packing. This can happen if you pack your own boxes but don’t get all packed the way you planned. Moving companies will not transport loose items; instead, they will pack them in boxes and charge you for the packing. When your estimate is being prepared, you must provide a detailed list of all the objects to be packed by the mover to provide an accurate estimate.
  • What is the best way for me to pay for my furniture move?
  • Be certain to have cash or certified check, unless the moving company mentions any other payment mode. It’s a good idea to have some extra cash on hand in case of unforeseen delays. Pre-authorization of credit cards requires advance notice. Before you move, ask your mover what is appropriate.
  • What isn’t covered by CBD furniture removalists Auckland when it comes to damage?
  • Our furniture removalists Auckland won’t assume the liability of the following:
    1. Documents, money, jewellery, precious stones, furs, sentimental objects, electronic records, and articles of exceptional value are not covered by the moving company’s insurance.
    2. Unless the mover packs and unpacks the china glassware and other fragile products and documents the loss or damage upon delivery, there is no liability for loss or damage due to breakage of china, glassware, or other fragile items.
    3. Things packed by the customer cause harm.
    4. TVs, appliances, computers, and electronics are in good mechanical working order.
    5. Objects that were not inventoried at the point of origin and were reported as missing upon delivery.
    6. Items that have been previously broken, fixed, glued, or that are too fragile or unstable to move
    7. Damages that were not registered when the package was delivered.

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