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Simple Yet Effective Ways To Make Furniture Moving Tasks Easier

Moving is a really hard job, especially packing and moving furniture and other heavy items to the new home, and setting up everything back in every room. Some furniture, such as beds or wardrobes are actually so heavy and bulky, you’ll have to disassemble them first, as it’s hard to move them in a single piece through the doors. Even it is quite troublesome to get a good grip on large and heavy furniture such as filing cabinets and tallboys, thereby making it a job of two-persons or a professional furniture moving company Auckland.

Luckily, you are in talks with the right Furniture Removalists Auckland! At CBD movers, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; what is important for you is likewise crucial to us.

Here are simple yet effective ways from our experienced furniture movers to make furniture moving easier:

Put all important tasks in writing

If you are looking to move in an organized way, always put your important details in writing. This will help you remember all important tasks such as canceling utilities, change of address, forwarding mail and hiring a house or office relocation Auckland. Take an inventory of large size furniture and products. Map a rough moving plan for big products and furniture where they will go. Don’t forget to designate a folder or binder for important documents, such as mover contracts.

Move with fewer items

Trying to mount on top of moving might seem like an uphill task, but later you’ll be thankful when you’re packing up fewer boxes without squeezing unnecessary possessions into your new house. So, it is better to plan ahead and create a checklist of things you need to get rid of including unused tools or surplus supplies room by room for good. You can even consider selling some of your products through a garage sale or donating them to charity to finish the de-cluttering task. Carrying fewer items with you will further help you save on the total moving bill.

Arrange Suitable Packing Boxes and Supplies

Spend the time and effort to put together the things you need to pack and relocate your items at your disposal. Always stock up a variety of boxes whether from online sources like Home Depot or Craigslist, etc. or offline from retail stores, neighbors, and furniture movers Auckland, etc. Make sure your items in the boxes don’t jumble or lose too much.

Pack Smartly

If you feel more organized about packing your items in the boxes, it will be easier to unpack those boxes at your new location. Use enough newspaper, or bubble wraps to protect your delicate items during a relocation process. Don’t forget to label your boxes to their sides and tops to assist you to find the correct one, no matter how many surround it. Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to create the list what’s in each box.

Keep all your essentials handy

You don’t want to dig through boxes for your essentials like Toiletries, coffee, tea, snacks, clean clothes, and a bottle of ibuprofen that you may need during or after your moving day. So, pack up all of your essentials in a separate bag and keep it handy with you. This will definitely help you unpack and make you comfortable as you begin living in a new space.

Get help

Whether you consider getting help from a professional moving company in New Zealand or searching for the greatest support from friends, be prepared to use your plan wisely for everyone’s time. Upon arrival, being fully packed, knowing where to guide separate boxes and furniture and maintaining a schedule will make everyone’s efforts more pleasant.

Consider the additional moving cost

Even if you consider hiring a van and asking a few friends to assist out, there are various extra costing factors- such as full insurance cover including personal and third party, vehicle and all loaded moving items.

Do all the messy work after arrival

Once you arrive into your new property, there is a number of minor things you’d like to fix, i.e. insulating hot water pipes, sealing the drafty window, repairing popcorn ceiling, and so on. It is always recommended to do all these jobs before you start unpacking and placing your furniture in your new house. However, if you’d like to hire professional and Cheap Movers Auckland, you’d better do it now.

You should recognize that it will be difficult on a road for a couple of weeks where a few obstacles are inevitable. And you must know that once those weeks and hard work are over, you will have finished an incredible amount of work and you will have a new living space.

Are you prepared to move? We would love to learn what works best for you? Get in touch with us with a phone call or comment in the box section!

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