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Discover the Unparalleled Efficiency of CBD Movers, New Zealand’s Premier Moving Company

Are you seeking a reliable and efficient moving company in New Zealand? Look no further than CBD Movers! With our expert team of professional movers and a fleet of well-maintained trucks, we ensure a smooth and stress-free moving experience. Our transparent pricing and no hidden fees policy, combined with our skilled handling of fragile and valuable items, make us the ideal choice for all your moving needs. Call us now at 0800 555 207 for a free quote and experience the difference!

Removals and Moving Company Challenges – Conquered by CBD Movers

The moving process can pose unique challenges, from navigating narrow staircases to manoeuvring large, bulky items through tight spaces. At CBD Movers, we are well-versed in tackling these obstacles, ensuring that your belongings are transported safely and efficiently. Our experienced team of removalists is skilled in handling all types of moving jobs, providing you with peace of mind and a seamless moving experience.

Why Choose CBD Movers for Your Moving Company Needs?

Our unique selling points set us apart from the competition:
– Free, no-obligation quotes
– Efficient and affordable moving services
– Reliable fleet of well-maintained trucks
– Expert handling of fragile and valuable items
– Transparent pricing without hidden fees
– Experienced and highly skilled movers

Common Items We Move as a Leading New Zealand Moving Company

Furniture, including beds, sofas, and dining tables
– Appliances, such as washing machines, fridges, and dryers
– Electronics, including TVs, computers, and gaming consoles
– Personal belongings, like clothing, books, and artwork
– Outdoor equipment, including lawnmowers, bicycles, and tools

Expert Removalist Services by CBD Movers – The Ultimate Moving Company

When you choose CBD Movers for your moving needs, you’re choosing a company that excels in providing exceptional removalist services in New Zealand. Our team of highly skilled movers has the expertise and equipment to ensure your belongings are transported safely and efficiently to their new destination. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – trust CBD Movers for all your removalist needs.

Customer Reviews for Moving Company Services by CBD Movers

“Everything went well. The movers were polite they have done their work swiftly and professionally.”Boris Chesnokov

“Good experience with CBD Movers. Arrived late but due to Covid…fast loading and unloading by very pleasant and stress-free experience would highly recommend.”Maureen Crawford

Common positive feedback themes for New Zealand movers include:
– Timely and efficient service
– Friendly and professional staff
– Careful handling of belongings
– Reasonable pricing

Popular Brands We Move as a Top New Zealand Moving Company

– Samsung
– Fisher & Paykel
– Panasonic
– LG
– Sony
– Apple
– Harvey Norman
– Mitre 10

Removals and Moving Company Services by CBD Movers – The Ultimate Choice

Choose CBD Movers for:
– A dedicated and professional team of movers
– Efficient and affordable moving services
– Expert handling of fragile and valuable items
– Transparent pricing with no hidden fees
– A reliable fleet of well-maintained trucks

Experience the CBD Movers difference for yourself by calling us at 0800 555 207 for a free quote today! Don’t settle for less when it comes to your moving needs – choose the best moving company in New Zealand.

CBD Movers is one of the country’s leading and best moving companies in New Zealand. Specializing in home and office removals of all scales, we are a team with the expertise that you want on your side when it comes to a complicated move. After gaining abundant success in Australia, CBD Movers have set its foot in other major countries and New Zealand was on top priority while considering the situation there.

So, we decided to bring the revolution and let people experience some high-quality NZ moving company. People have been trusting their internet searches with the title of best priced moving companies near me. Such companies have the motive to bring maximum customers to them with some attractive offers, but they lack highly on providing satisfactory and professional services.

 Our foundation as a moving company was established more than a decade ago and since then has worked tirelessly to earn a reputation as a reliable and best among moving companies in NZ. You can vouch for us because we have got the maximum satisfied and happy customers. Apart from that our suite of removal services is dedicated to delivering smooth and safe relocation services in NZ to our customers.

Our international level-based service includes a wide variety of offerings, which includes all the help and support. We make sure on our part to give the highest standard of services for local and international relocations. However, we also lend our customers support with moving their precious personal belongings, getting the best packaging boxes, shipping heavy baggage, flexible storage and plenty more.

Residential Moving Company in NZ

We are your most trusted residential moving company! Moving is often considered stressful and daunting, especially when you are trying to move everything on your own. What you require is a professional NZ moving company that you can depend upon. We have fully trained staff to make sure everything goes well.

Piano Moving


Moving a piano is a complex task that requires accurate equipment, technical knowledge, and skills. It majorly requires special planning and an abundance of specialist knowledge. Our expert piano movers can safely and proficiently move pianos to national or international destinations.

Your piano will be secured throughout the journey by custom-tailored packaging, loading, handling and shipping. We have a team of professional piano movers which is the best in NZ moving companies; moving grand and upright pianos is our primary focus. As a result, we have the skills and special advanced equipment for all types of piano removals.

Pianos are fragile musical instruments that always require extreme care and are treated differently. Despite being quite bulky, they are very delicate instruments that can get damaged by a slight bump, excessive moisture, or on the contrary extreme hot temperatures. Our relocation movers are well aware of the special precautions that need to be taken when moving pianos. On moving day, our movers will properly and carefully prepare and protect your piano before placing it on the moving truck. It is packed in such a way that it can safely reach its new destination without getting any harm or damage. Throughout the way, updates will be given to the client, so that they can relax and not worry about the well-being of their piano.

Pool Table Moving


Billiard tables are massive, weighty, and oversized. Its fabric and cloth can be easily damaged if it comes in contact with any sharp object. Many moving companies in NZ are not even capable of moving these tables because it requires a skilled and practiced team.

There is a major requirement for a skilled hand who is involved in neat and clean packing and safe handling. To get skilled and professional pool table relocation, one needs to be careful while choosing the accurate moving companies in New Zealand for safe removal.

CBD Movers offers one of the best pool table removal services in New Zealand. We offer a premium on-demand service with affordable pool table moving services to relocate your pool table to its new location. Whatever the type of pool table is, be it standard, large, mini, or wooden, plastic, slated, etc. we have skills in moving all these. Whereas our piano removalists are experienced and professional in moving all categories of pool or billiard table.

From industrial, contemporary, modern, traditional, farmhouse, craftsman, midcentury, tropical, Victorian to rustic, we have expertise in packing and handling all these categories of the billiard table with complete ease and efficiency. However, the fabric of the pool table is also taken care of which is made up of woollen cloth, polyester or worsted wool with completely accurate tools and advanced equipment.

We make sure all these services and damage-free delivery of your pool table will be done at completely affordable prices. From disassembling the pool, packing it with superior packaging material, loading it comfortably, and later unloading and assembling it at its new destination is our prime focus.

 A pool table normally weighs 260 kg or more, so it is unlikely that it can be moved without any professional skills and packing techniques, which most NZ moving companies donot have. The moving companies that come up with accurate and latest equipment are the right ones for you.

Intercity and Interstate Moving


CBD Movers is one of the best moving companies when it comes to intercity and interstate relocation. With our in-depth experience, we completely understand the most stressful journey of relocation and it gets intense if it has intercity moving from Wellington to Queenstown and interstate moving.

We highly believe in quality and not quantity and that is the reason you can be assured of our highly professional and personalized services with a dedicated intercity relocation company. Exceptional customer service is essential to our team to make you relocate from Hamilton to Auckland. We closely consider each customer’s needs and budget so we can offer the most hassle-free and economical moving company in NZ.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including furniture removals, like packing, loading and unloading and unpacking, office and house removals etc. We own a huge fleet of trucks which are regularly cleaned and disinfected after each move to minimize the chances of cross-contamination from previous relocations.

 As mentioned earlier we own a huge fleet of trucks of different sizes. So, we can offer an appropriately sized truck depending on how much furniture you have.

Moving companies in New Zealand require an experienced team of relocation movers’ experts. We have got the resources, training and equipment which is required to accommodate any interstate and intercity relocation in New Zealand. We are better than other relocation companies in NZ which is why we can offer you one of the pocket-friendly interstate relocation services in NZ.

Our friendly and professional team goes to a great extent to assist in making your move as easy and comfortable for you as possible. We proficiently plan all the details of your move and communicate with you every step of the way if you are moving from Palmerston North to Christchurch. In addition to that, our team will handle everything when it comes to the stress of moving day.

 From dismantling and packing all difficult house and office furniture items and assembling it again at their new destination is our main expertise. From small to big, all intercity and interstate relocations are done with great efficiency. Complete satisfaction of delivering all goods in a properly secured and protected way.

Storage Facilities by Best Relocation Company


At CBD Movers, we offer a wide range of secure storage options that can fulfil your requirements. With flexible short term and long-term storage services, you can safely store your items without any stress or obligations. Our storage options even include door-to-door service and customized packing or unpacking services to eliminate all the stress away.

We provide flexible short-term solutions for the comfortable and secure storage of your possessions. Any situation can occur which does not let you move your stuff immediately, so we have created such services which do not lock you into the stress of contracts.

Despite that, you can have a storage plan which is suitable for your requirements. You can get the benefit of these short-term storage services at a very reasonable price and all goods are kept with complete protection. 

On the other hand, our long-term storage facility is the perfect solution for keeping your personal belongings safe over a longer period. You get total flexibility to store your items for as little as you need, or as long as you want. Our highly advanced and latest technology equipped storage units ensure that all goods are kept properly and get the same treatment as they deserve.

For all the reasons like moving temporarily for work, renovating your house, or do not having enough room to keep those items in new house at relocation. We are such a moving company in NZ, who take all the burden of storage from your shoulders and make you relax by providing proper protection.

The Moving Company with Best Last-Minute Movers


Are you in a situation where you need to relocate on an urgent basis? Are you searching for the best priced moving companies near me for instant relocation? CBD Movers have a solution for all your questions. We have our relocation movers prepared with proper training for your last-minute relocation.

 Many times, this situation occurs when you get to relocate on an immediate basis, and we get the urgent requirements of professional last-minute movers. Many NZ moving companies do not provide last-minute movers, because of the unavailability of resources. But CBD Mover is the moving company in NZ that has complete availability for all the clients.

It does not matter how much preparation you have done on your own, still, there will be some contingencies that will be there in an urgent relocation. In such circumstances where you have numerous other things to do, leave this to our same day movers who are experienced and skilled at doing it.

While rushing with your belongings can cause damage to your items and can also lead to injuries. Our professional and dedicated movers will take care of all your struggle with an accurate skillset. Movers have the best equipment to deliver their best, even at the last minute. Among many companies, CBD Movers is the moving company in NZ that provides services at your disposal, so that you don’t have to avoid a last-minute situation. Our last-minute services are as efficient and secure as regular ones. The all-time availability of experts is the primary advantage of choosing CBD Movers as the moving company in NZ for last-minute moving.

The Moving Company Which Provides Short and Long Distance Moving

CBD Movers is among the best moving companies in NZ because it has proper experience in relocating short and long-distance. From skyscrapers to normal houses, we help clients with our unconventional services. Now there can be a question which can strike most people that is only a short distance move; it pays to use skilled local professionals. Why? The answer to that question is packing and shifting an entire home full of personal belongings is always a considerable job.

While going for a short distance, most people browse the internet with short distance movers near me. Unfortunately, all those searches do not have genuine and authentic NZ moving companies. Apart from that while searching for best priced moving companies near me, it is not sure that it will be best priced because there are hidden charges underneath the services.

CBD Movers is a well-known and well-established brand, which always prefers to use the best quality packing materials that are available as per the client’s discretion. We can efficiently take care of all the heavy-lifting, transport and logistics, for short and long-distance relocation services in NZ.

On-Demand Premium Services

As the title states, we offer premium relocation services which means we take care of heavy lifting from start to finish. This service is suitable for people who don’t want to strain themselves with physical tasks involved in a move like packing, unpacking, loading and unloading the goods. Thus, this service is an impeccable choice for those people who don’t want to manage the herculean and stressful task of moving on their own.

We consider ourselves the best moving companies because we understand the special requirement of the consumers whether it is next street or a next state. CBD Movers is among the best moving companies in NZ because it offers full-service moving packages that save you valuable money and time. However, you can rely on such a moving company in NZ that can handle the time-consuming details of your move, so you can concentrate on your day-to-day responsibilities without any disturbance or unwanted stress.


Q1. How early do I need to contact a moving company?

Answer: We are completely flexible with our presence. You can contact us anytime regarding your move. However, it is advised that you should contact us as early as possible, which can be one or two months before the moving day. This can make us check the availability for that day and make us prepare better for executing the move. If in case you need to move urgently then we can execute your last-minute move as well.

Q2. Which day is considered best for hiring a Moving Company?

Answer: All weekdays are considered the best days for hiring a Moving company because they are less busy on weekdays as compared to the weekends. So, if you are looking for the best Moving company to hire then give them on weekdays to get affordable prices.

Q3. What needs to be the first step when hiring a Moving company in NZ?

Answer: The foremost step when hiring a moving company in NZ is to get a quote. This step gives you some brief information about the price of moving as per the requirements of the clients. When you visit the website of a moving company, you can check to get the free quote option. After clicking on that you need to fill in the basic details about your move such as the size of the house, number of items and special requirements about the move. Considering all these criteria the final quote is given to the clients. Hence, this is the first thing one should do when hiring a moving company in NZ.

Q4. What is the most affordable way to move a household?

Answer: The most affordable way to move a household is to move at the right time, which means do not prefer to move at the time of peak season. That time is meant to be very expensive because of the lack of manpower. The other way to get affordable moving is while hiring the moving company one or two months before the move. One last way to move your household is to pack all things properly so that there is no room left for breakage or damage. If items are packed safely then it can also save money which can occur when not packing the items carefully.

Q5. What should I look for before hiring a moving company?

Answer: You need to check if the company is authentic or only exists on the website. How many years of experience does it have? Does the company have professional movers and packers? What kind of equipment do they use for moving? How old is the company in the moving industry?

Q6. Do moving companies offer additional services apart from moving?

Answer: Yes, moving companies help in packing, loading, moving and unloading the items. In some situations, fragile items need to move, so professional packers pack those items efficiently. Apart from that, dismantling the furniture items and assembling them again at its new location is one more additional service that moving companies offer.

Q7. Which things are not required to pack when moving?

Answer: When moving into a new house there is a list of things which you do not need to pack like expensive jewellery, documents and plants are not required. In regards to security jewellery and important documents are not suggested to pack.


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