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How to Move Furniture Without Hurting Yourself

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There are numerous occasions when you need to move your furniture items. Whether you want to vacate the room for an impending event or eyeing to change the decor and theme of the room or further still looking forward to relocating across the street or suburb; moving furniture, especially bulky and heavy, can be quite a task. Besides taking adequate steps and measures to move the furniture deftly, it is important to safeguard yourself from physical strain and injuries.

Here is a comprehensive guide to moving furniture without hurting yourself:

  • Stretch Your Back and Muscles: Don’t just get down to moving and lifting in a jiffy. Stretch your back and muscles and give them sufficient time to get in the groove.
  • Keep Your Back Straight: The ideal and the most recommended way to lift and move heavy furniture is to lift it from the legs. Stoop and bend once when you get down to pick furniture. Thereafter, try to keep your back as vertical as possible to avoid subsequent back troubles.
  • Wear Hand Gloves: Hand gloves, especially leather ones, not just bestow a better grip while holding onto furniture but also help protect hands from cuts and bruises.
  • Use Sliders: In case you have to go a distance, consider using sliders, hand trucks or a dolly. These simple machines will help you move a distance without straining much on the body.
  • Disassemble: Dismantling the bulky furniture pieces into small, handy and manageable units is the most convenient approach. Shift dismantled pieces to the new location and reassemble without risk of injuries and damage!

By following these simple suggestions, one can easily avoid damage to back and muscles. But having said this, if something is far too heavy for you, it is prudent to hire professional removalists and furniture movers in Auckland.

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