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Ultimate Tips For Moving Heavy Office Furniture

So you are looking to move your office? Whether it is just a start-up or a corporate move, heavy furniture shifting can be daunting for anyone. In this stage, minor negligence on your part can cause serious damage or complete loss of your expensive furniture during the relocation of an office.

Now you no longer need to worry here!

CBD Movers is introducing itself as the fastest-growing moving company New Zealand with an expanded countrywide network of hand-picked and cheap furniture movers Auckland. Our talented and affordable office movers Auckland are quick and efficient to take on all your complexities and risks irrespective of your relocation needs. As a responsible and committed Auckland Movers, we’ve compiled some ultimate tips to get you moving quick, safe, and affordable.

Plan before
Planning your office moves well in advance at least a month before the day of movement makes sense. Create a team of experienced managers to help make it faster and smoother for your office shifting process. Your team of experts not only help you access overall moving requirements and expenses but also help you make an appropriate budget for moving your office. Once you decide on your moving day, it is important to announce your decision to move. You can arrange a meeting with senior officials to discuss any issues, suggestions from your staff, and reasons for moving your office.

Ask your office staff for help
Ask your office staff a few weeks before the moving day if they can take part in some of the removals and packaging jobs of systems, furniture, and electronic appliances, and important files, etc. Also, provide them a great treat as a reward for their support. By involving your office staff in the process of shifting not only help you save time and cost of moving, but also help you make the process of relocation faster and smoother. If your furniture weighs more than 50 kg, professional assistance from reliable and affordable house movers Auckland is highly recommended.

Dismantle large furniture
Moving individual pieces of heavy furniture such as a conference table or a dining table is much easier. Try to remove its legs, tops, and other removable parts, if possible, that are usually attached by screws or bolts. Dissembling bulky furniture into smaller pieces will, therefore, make it quite convenient for your office staff or Auckland Movers to lift and move individual pieces of furniture through doors and around corners in both your old and new office.

Use superior packing material
During packing or moving the heavy furniture it is important to protect them from scratches and serious damages. So, make sure to pack heavy furniture with bubble wraps or protective sheets so for their safe transfer to a new office.

Use the latest moving tools and devices
Modern moving tools and devices help you in making the task of moving and loading large or heavy furniture more easy, affordable, and Hassle-free. At CBD Movers, our highly talented and cheap furniture movers Auckland can provide you with the latest and innovative moving tools, and devices including dollies, hand trucks, and other needful appliances to make the tasks of moving large or heavy objects a lot simpler.

Use heavy blankets, sliders, and gloves
It is difficult to move or slide bulky furniture across the floor due to friction. So, it is better to use heavy blankets or sliders under heavy furniture to make it quite easy to slide and move through the floors. Be sure that during a moving process, your staff members wear heavy and well-lined gloves. Wearing a pair of gloves can give them extra grip and hold the furniture or slider while protecting their skin.

Clear the moving passage
Before loading heavy furniture in the truck, make sure that the passage of moving them is clear to prevent a fall or a trip that causes serious damage to furniture or injury to workers.

If you are really concerned about moving heavy office furniture to your new business location in and around Australia without breaking your budget then hire an experienced and reliable moving company New Zealand. At CBD Movers we can guide and assist you through every step of the way, so, just contact our consultants today. Our experienced and cheap furniture movers services in Auckland will help you move in the most systematic and stress-free way.

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